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Dietary Supplements to protect the Brain in Alzheimer's Disease

Dietary Supplements to protect the Brain in Alzheimer's Disease

December 11, 2019

Alzheimer's disease (AD) is an incurable neurodegenerative condition to date. There are at least three forms of treatment for patients with this diagnosis: pharmacological including cholinesterase inhibitors and memantine; physical rehabilitation; and neuropsychological rehabilitation. Each one is adjusted according to the phase in which the patient is diagnosed and the psychological or neurocognitive symptoms that are presented, such as memory loss, changes in mood, apathy, alterations in the ability to judge, disorientation and alterations in skills that limit the independence of the patient for the development of activities of daily living and instrumental activities, such as dressing, using the telephone, managing money, among others. Each case is particular, and varies depending on the patient's background and current environmental and psychosocial condition, however, these treatments are moderating symptoms, but not curative.

Cognitive, behavioral and emotional symptoms are the result of changes in the brain associated with several causes, one of which is increased deposits of beta-amyloid plaques, tangles of protein in the brain. Many treatments over 25 years have failed and do not achieve the expected benefit.

Currently some studies published in the Journal of Alzheimer´s Disease and Pharmacological research, have shown the benefits of including natural products such as turmeric and cannabis in diets and dietary supplements to protect the brain and improve its functioning in healthy people, at risk of developing AD or with a diagnosis of this disease. The current challenge is to continue research to understand the positive impact on mental health, quality of life and happiness of the use of natural compounds for the prevention and treatment of one of the most socially and economically impactful diseases worldwide.