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Warning signs for Alzheimer’s Disease

Warning signs for Alzheimer’s Disease

December 11, 2019


Alzheimer’s disease is a neurogenerative disorder, which leads to memory loss, a cognitive dysfunction due to loss of brain cells. Patients with Alzheimer’s disease may suffer from a variety of symptoms, including anxiety, agitation, dementia, and sleep disorder, among others. These symptoms often result in hard-to-manage patients and caregiver distress. This disease is most common in people over the age of 65.

           Warning signs for Alzheimer’s disease

Memory loss

A most common symptom for Alzheimer’s disease in the early stages is forgetfulness. This includes forgetting dates, events and sometimes even family members. Patients may not remember meals which were taken a few minutes ago. Family and caregivers face significant difficulties in convincing patients suffering from memory loss.

Difficulty in performing familiar tasks 

Alzheimer’s patients also face problems with completing routine tasks. They may struggle with simple chores such as driving, reaching home, managing budgets, locating grocery stores, etc.

Confusion with time and date

People lose track of time, day, year, season and places. They may not recognize someone they met a moment ago. They may also have confusion with mornings and evenings.

Trouble with Vision 

It has been observed that patients with Alzheimer's may be unable to read properly, judge the distance or determine the color contrast.

Struggle in speaking and writing 

The basic conversation becomes a task for people with the disease. They are unable to recall the right word from their vocabulary to fit in situations. They stop mid-conversation or repeat the same sentence several times.

Trouble in planning 

People also experience difficulty in planning, dealing with numbers, paying bills. They face difficulty in concentrating over a point for an extended period due to which they take much more time to finish any task. Also, they might forget the recipes while cooking.

Inability to locate things

Alzheimer’s patients misplace their things and blame others for stealing it. They keep their belongings in one place and search for it somewhere else. They usually forget and are unable to locate the items.

Change in personalities 

Confusion, suspicion, anxiety, and agitation can easily be spotted in patients suffering from Alzheimer’s. They tend to feel uncomfortable at their home, workplace or other known places.

Impact on judgmental skills 

Patients face a problem with decision-making. They face difficulties in analyzing things and choosing. They pay less attention to personal cleanliness and grooming. They may forget to take showers, brush teeth, etc.

Social withdrawal

Detachment from hobbies, social gathering, physical activities can easily be observed in Alzheimer’s disease. Patients struggle with playing their favorite games/sports or engaging in other social activities, which disconnects them to their friend circle.

 Alzheimer’s has no cure till date, but an early diagnosis can help to lower the progression of the disease by medicines. Medications play an essential part in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease by providing relief against some symptoms and helping them maintain their independence for longer. Studies suggest that CBD also helps in maintaining the circadian rhythm by helping patients with their sleep and providing relaxation.