Empowering the wellness of our community is our mission

About Us

At Hyalolex, we believe nature has the power to heal. The Greek word “Hyalo” means clear, or glasslike, and is reflective of our commitment to creating a clearer and brighter path to health and wellness for all. 

Our team of scientists is dedicated to researching new formulas and maintaining the highest standards for our products, prioritizing both quality and consumer experience. We understand maintaining your health is an everyday endeavor. The products you use in your daily life should not only be effective but an effortless addition to your day to day activities, while benefiting your overall wellness.

Hyalolex offers specially formulated liquid and gel sanitizer products, in order to meet all your hand sanitizer needs. We are proud to offer World Health Organization compliant unscented liquid hand sanitizer with a powerful 80% ethyl alcohol. Our lavender and lemon gel hand sanitizers are formulated with CDC-recommended 70% ethyl alcohol to effectively kill germs while integrating elements such as lavender, lemon, zinc, and aloe vera so that you don’t have to sacrifice happy, hydrated hands for health. Our hope is for your Hyalolex experience to be a positive one through and through.

We believe a balanced mind and body are the key to living a happy, healthy life. But your wellness journey is not meant to be walked alone. Hyalolex is dedicated to providing first responder trusted hand sanitizer and disinfectant so that you can have access to the products that can keep you healthier. Empowering the wellness of our community is our mission.