Empowering the wellness of our community is our mission

Hyalolex Hemp

At Hyalolex we believe in the power of plant based medicine. It is our mission to provide the highest quality hemp products, with the purest broad-spectrum hemp extract, tried and true natural ingredients and essential oils. Making hemp available to you so that you can find your path back to a happy, healthy and holistic life.

Our vision is to offer affordable products with full traceability from seed to shelf. So that anyone can experience the power of hemp with peace of mind.

Arizona Grown

All Hyalolex products are created with single-origin hemp grown on our family-owned and operated Arizona farm. Our farm adheres to the highest standards in safety and conscious hemp production. All plants are grown pesticide-free in the hands of people who care, and believe in our hemp because they use it themselves.

Why Hemp?

Synergistic Benefits
No Pesticides
Better Health

Hemp itself is a notoriously sustainable plant, able to thrive without pesticides and in various environments. It provides synergistic benefits to the land it is grown on by returning significant nutrients back to the earth keeping soil healthy. Scientific evidence suggests certain hemp-derived cannabinoids may interact with our body's Endocannabinoid System to catalyze and modulate various responses associated with better health and well-being. 

Backed by Science

Our team of scientists believe the possibilities of hemp are not only impressive, but imperative to world health and combating a number of diseases. They are dedicated to cutting edge research, so we can make products available to the people.

Your health is our highest priority. Which is why all Hyalolex products are rigorously tested before they hit the shelves, and our hemp is extracted with care, and no harsh chemicals. We believe transparency is essential to earning your trust.

Everyone deserves a happy, healthy life without the weight of pain or stress. At Hyalolex we are taking the potential of hemp and creating a clear pathway to healing.

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